How Many More Clouds Can We Cope With

You may have read that Nutanix has started talking about “Enterprise Cloud”, this is in addition to Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud that we already had. Isn’t this all getting too confusing and what does it really mean to the organisations consuming these services and how do they evaluate what workload goes where?

Recently IDC released data from a study that said: “82% of enterprises are expecting to be using three or more clouds by 2020”. This research suggests that the three clouds will be made up of private, on-premise, virtual private clouds, and shared public cloud services from several providers.

But what does this all mean to organisations today and how do they deal with the modern-day Wild-West that is the Cloud market?

From conversations that I have had with organisations over the past 6 months, everyone is aware of the problems that have emerged over recent years with Shadow IT consuming services on credit cards and workloads being spun up in Public Cloud environments without the required planning. It’s almost unanimous that everyone is trying to get more control on their cloud and organisations are retrospectively looking to give their cloud strategy more focus.

For me, when deciding on a cloud strategy there are many questions that need to be answered, all of which will be specific to that organisation. However, in my experience these question will need to be high up the priority list;

  • What is the best place to run your line of business applications to give the best performance? (Be aware that they won’t all be the same place!)
  • What interaction is needed between different applications?
  • What is working well today and what could be better?
  • How are your requirements going to change in the next 3 years? (Unfortunately, none of us has a crystal ball but there will be some expected changes)
  • What does your private cloud/on-premise environment cost you?
  • Have you already got a cloud sprawl problem, but how big is it?

The great news is that while this might be confusing the reality is you are not alone and there are solutions that help you manage all your Clouds as One-Cloud with all the cost control and governance you need to make the CFO happy.

At Spectrami we are fortunate to be working with illapa who control all clouds from one pane of glass.

To see what illapa can do for your Cloud strategy watch this short video then sign up for a free online demo here;

Will Brooks, Sales Director, Spectrami UK.

An experienced Sales Director with a proven record of managing teams selling IT Solutions in channel, direct, new business and client management situations. He’s a goal orientated individual who strives for the significance gained from success. Working closely with our Vendor partners, Will is driving growth for new technology that can make a real difference.

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