Spectrami UK launches to connect resellers with exciting new technology opportunities

Independent arm of distributor will act as an extension of vendor partners, allowing seamless operation across EMEA

BRACKNELL – 27 November, 2018 – Spectrami, pioneer of the Vendor Extension Model (VEM) and a leading distributor of emerging technologies, has announced that it will launch a new, independent UK office to manage its EMEA operations – following previous expansion managed from the Spectrami’s global base in the UAE. The new office will give Spectrami UK the ability to help resellers across Europe connect with new vendors offering the latest technologies their enterprise customers demand – opening new revenue streams and providing strong differentiation against competitors. At the same time, it will support vendors breaking into the European market – with its VEM giving expert, on-the-ground representation to vendors that would otherwise lack the resources and expertise to truly attack the region. Already working with vendor partners including AppViewX, Datera, illapa, and Peer Software, Spectrami has seen significant success since it was initially formed as a VAD in the UAE – with more than 100 channel partners, serving more than 2,000 customers in 47 countries.

“Both resellers and vendors are facing a rapidly changing environment – to overcome the challenges they face, resellers need the right products to provide a solution, and vendors need a way of reaching customers,” said Sean Fane, Managing Director, Spectrami UK. “The cloud and emerging technologies have changed the dynamics when it comes to delivering IT. Traditional sales models for products and services are becoming obsolete. At Spectrami UK, we embrace the cloud, hybrid-cloud and orchestrating the way in which organisations should adopt these exciting IT delivery models. Our aim is to provide the intimate relationship and support both resellers and vendors need: curating technology offerings that resellers can provide to their customers, and helping vendors extend their presence into new markets. The new look Spectrami UK is ready to put resellers in-touch with the next generation of technologies that will transform their customers IT services delivery.”

Spectrami UK is focussed on helping both vendors and resellers explore the potential of the cloud: from advising their customers on how best to provision applications, to helping them understand the potential of new technologies, such as containers. Spectrami’s unique Vendor Extension Model enables Spectrami to act as a direct extension of vendors in target markets, going above and beyond the role of a typical distributor. By forming a detailed understanding of the vendor and their technology, strategies, and markets, Spectrami UK can act as a direct representative: giving resellers the support they require, without the need for huge expertise and investment on the part of the vendor themselves. It has helped resellers and vendors find new opportunities from the KSA, to Istanbul, Germany and the Netherlands.

Spectrami UK is backing its ambitions with an experienced channel and cloud orchestration team, headed up by Sean Fane, Grant Tiller, and Will Brooks. Grant joins Spectrami UK after spending over 11 years in product management roles at Avanti, whilst Will was previously the Head of Account Management UK at M247 after stints driving sales teams for both a leading virtualisation VAD and leading VAR.

“We are seeing a marked evolution in the way that we sell and deliver IT to customers. For both vendors and resellers, the days of providing physical hardware and software licences are, in many cases, drawing to a close,” said Jason Dance, Founder & CEO at illapa Group. “Instead, other industries are showing the way in how to deliver products and services: building common platforms optimised for cost, performance and efficiency, then personalising those to deliver better outcomes. Just as smartphone or car manufacturers have automated production and commoditised their base platforms to provide a range of distinct services, so we have seen that Spectrami UK is the distributor that can bring this approach to vendors and resellers. As a result, we have given them exclusive rights to our hybrid cloud, to create platforms that bring together people and policies to provide the capabilities customers need and give resellers a steady revenue stream from the cloud.”

Spectrami UK’s current vendor partners are:

o Datera – Provides high-performance, software-defined, hyper-scale data centre solutions

o Apstra – Has pioneered intent-based networking and intent-based analytics™ to eliminate data centre network complexities and inefficiencies

o Peer Software – Creates best-of-breed solutions for multi-vendor, multi-cloud, multi-site data backup, collaboration, synchronisation and migration

o Enveil – Is pioneering the ability for enterprises to securely operate at scale in the cloud, on-premises, or anywhere in between

o AppViewX – Is driving automation for network and security operations

o Authlogics – As well as password compliance and authentication, is helping organisations to move beyond passwords

o illapa – Is spearheading a new way to deliver services over the cloud

For more information on Spectrami UK, or to become a partner, please visit www.spectrami.co.uk

About Spectrami:

SPECTRAMI is a pan-EMEA value-added distributor with a local presence in the UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, U.A.E, K.S.A, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. Specialising in end-to-end solutions across information security and cloud infrastructure, it assists resellers to develop profitable business from emerging technologies. Spectrami’s current vendor partners in the UK are: illapa Group, Apstra, AppViewX, Datera, Authlogics, Peer Software and Enveil.